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What do the different conditions listed for your products mean?

Following close inspection every item is ranked according to condition in categories listed below. For each category there is a specific price level which reflects the condition. 

  • New - No signs of wear or use.
  • About New - Very slight marks from stacking, handling or light use.
  • Light Wear - Items may have slightly noticeable surface or base wear. No damage or defects.
  • Moderate Wear - Items may have very noticeable surface or base wear.
  • Crazing - Minute surface cracking in the glaze of any item resulting from differing rates of contraction between the glaze and the body during manufacturing. Only older or more desirable items are sold when crazing is present
  • Light Crazing – Only a few lines that may be barely visible.
  • Moderate Crazing - Partial or overall crazing that may still be difficult to see
  • Heavy Crazing - Overall crazing that is clearly visible.
  • Worn Trim - When worn trim occurs it will always be mentioned in the description. Items with excessively worn trim are discarded.
  • Items with chips, cracks, damage or excessive wear are discarded and not sold.

I have some China to sell, do you purchase used China?


How much is your shipping cost?

Shipping charges are based on merchandise total.

up to $50 = $7.50
 $50-$100 = $10.50
 $100 - $200 = $14.50
 $200 - $400 = $19.50
 over $400 = $28.50

Shipping Surcharge: Some items may have an additional shipping and handling surcharge. (Please refer to individual product pages for details.)

Gift Certificates are shipped free of charge using USPS First Class delivery.

Most in-stock items ship within three business days.  We select the best carrier for your order based on the destination and physical characteristics of the items.  Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays determined by carriers.

Do you offer international shipping?

 Yes. For international shipments, China Lane will contact you with a shipping estimate once the order in placed. International shipping/delivery times may vary depending on carrier and destination country.

I am having trouble determining the manufacturer and pattern for my china. Can you help?


It doesn't appear that you have any of the pattern that I am looking for or the specific peice. Is there a way I can be notified if you add to your inventory?